Take Care of the Earth

Sustainable and renewable farming practices are at the core of the Outpost Cannabis Co philosophy. We are an independent family farm that takes the time to do things right. Being the best stewards to the land is our top priority.

Respect the trail blazer

Cannabis has come a long way in our culture. Yet, people are still being locked up for a plant that heals and enhances the human experience. By supporting independent family farms consumers can protect the cannabis plant and culture from corporate practices that are designed to put profits over people.

Jeff Hartman

Owner and operator of Outpost Cannabis Co. He is an entrepreneur that holds a simple approach to happiness; do what you love and surround yourself with passionate, dedicated people that share your goals. The philosophy is work hard and inspire others; the reward will be a respectful relationship with Mother Earth, a whole lot of jazz cabbage, and a happy community to share it with.


Where it's grown

In the coastal mountains of sunny Santa Barbara County lies Outpost Cannabis Co. Our fields are elevated above the morning ocean fog, providing our plants with an ideal microclimate for some of the best sun grown flower in California. Isolated in the mountains, far from any conventional agriculture. Our fields are a prime example of sun grown cannabis cultivation.