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Let's roll

It's pretty simple

Grow quality flower
Respect the trailblazers
Take care of the earth
Make people feel good

The Farmer

Jeff Hartman

Owner & Farmer

With an infectious flare, tenacious work ethic and genuine enthusiasm, Jeff is a man dedicated to pursuing his dreams and enjoying journey along the way. He holds a simple approach to happiness; march to the beat of your own drum and never miss the opportunity for a detour. He’s quick with a joke and to light up your smoke, but he’s a farmer through and through. From his dust coated boots to the rolling kit in his pocket, his daily philosophy is working hard and playing hard; the reward being a happy community, respectful relationship with Mother Earth, and a whole lot of jazz cabbage to share.

The Goods

Available in Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica. We rotate and experiment with new clones to find the perfect match